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USA Holiday & Trip Ideas

Whatever you're looking for from your next trip or holiday, you'll find it in the USA.

USA Holidays
America is one of the largest and most diverse countries across the globe, it’s hard to pinpoint just one reason you might want to visit because there is no one, single reason. Instead there’s a multitude of reasons for absolutely every kind of person and every kind of holiday you might want to experience. The exciting, the relaxing, the unimaginable and the luxurious all await. The USA is a great holiday destination for city breaks, skiing holidays, road trips, beach holidays, theme park holidays or historic tours. Try out a new experience or combine a few while you’re there.
The natural world
As diverse as it is, the United States stretches across several different climates and different biomes, meaning that it’s the home to natural beauty of many kinds, from wintry tundra to scorching deserts. The National Parks of the US are some of the best preserved, most treasured locations with places like Yellowstone providing a look at some of the most dramatic landscapes of natural beauty, while other locations like Joshua Tree give an almost otherworld experience, as if you’ve landed in a whole new planet. Some of the best road trips in the US take you through some of the most amazing skylines, such as the roads through the Rocky Mountain National Park. From Niagara Falls to Yosemite and the Redwood Forest, the USA is full of bucket-list holiday natural wonders.
Thrills and spills
If you're looking for excitement on your holiday, then you will find it in America in abundance. The USA is home to some of the worlds's most famous theme parks and water parks, including Noah's Ark, Universal Studios, Six Flags and much more. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida alone attracts thousands upon thousands of travellers each year to experience some of the best experiences and rides in the world, not to mention the chance to meet all the best-loved characters from their childhood. The thrills aren't all confined to the parks, either. With safaris like San Diego Zoo Safari Park and helicopter rides across the Grand Canyon, there's something to quicken the pulse of any adventurer.
A heritage worth experiencing
The United States is a country with a long, complicated and diverse history. From the Native Americans to the formations of different states with cultures influenced by explorers and immigrants from countries all around the world, it is host to some of the best preserved and most interesting history in the world. The French Quarter of New Orleans will give you an entirely different insight into the country’s past than a trip to Independence Hall in Philadelphia or a trip to Gettysburg, where the Civil War is remembered. Capital Hill in Washington, alone, has an almost palpable sense of weight and power, especially when you stand in front of imposing architectural works like the Lincoln Memorial.
The best parties in the world
Perhaps you don’t want something quite as heady and as serious as a trip through history. That’s no problem, as the US has plenty for the world’s partygoers to enjoy as well. For one, coasts like Miami Beach and Florida Keys seem to have an almost constant party atmosphere going on, where you can always be sure to find good company, music and entertainment at the water’s edge. But the seasonal events happening throughout the year provide some of the most extravagant and exhilarating revelling you’ll find anywhere. An experience of St. Patrick’s Day in New York City or Cinco de Mayo in the Market Square of San Antonio will give you a closer look into the fun-loving side of the people of the US.
Go exploring
As large as it is, some of the best experiences in the US are those that take you away from any one city or town and instead help you discover a greater diversity of nature, culture, history, and much more. The country is well-known for having a tradition of road trips. There are those that take you into the heart of nature like the Rocky Mountain road trip or the Great River Road from Minnesota to Louisiana, but there are also roads like Route 66 that have a history and romanticism all of their own. For an experience you’ll never get anywhere else in the world, the Loneliest Road across Nevada is an almost eerily quiet trip through mostly uninhabited lands that becomes more a soul-searching expedition than a tour of the sights. As a holiday destination, there might no other places in the world like the US. Few places truly offer an experience for every type of person and holiday. The next time you’re looking for a holiday destination, check out some of the locations featured here. You’re sure to find your fit in the United States.
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